Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time for a plug!

Hello Internet populace! Time for a plug about one of my projects. The card game Honorbound that I have been working on with an assortment of RIT graduates is ready for the next step. We have the game currently undergoing some selective beta testing and are raising money to fund the art. We have a kickstarter page all set up with a game synopsis, mechanics and soon video with game play and concept art! Check the link and see if you like what you find!


If you've never heard of Kickstarter give the site a once over. It's amazing. Their sole purpose is to help facilitate funding art projects.

Some cool info to know. The entire game is being built (so far) with only graduates from RIT. We've pulled people from multiple disciplines to get this game off the ground. We are close, at the cusp if you will, to making this game a reality.

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Michaela said...

Hi Matt! Yes, I have a son named Arthur and he will turn 1 year now on Friday. He is a happy, nice child, at least now =) I still live in Helsinki with both Arthur and Micke (my husband) and started studying againg this fall after being home a year with Arthur. He still stays home so organzing our days is demanding, but absolutely worth it. How are you?