Thursday, October 16, 2008

A mere tasting...

Here are a couple of more things to add the stack.

This is the first painting in the series that includes the image of the girl knee dropping the duck from the previous post. Just gotta keep getting better.
I've decided to for now call this "Leffler's Terrorist Jab" and the other painting is "No Avian Flew". Eh, it's funny to me at least.

Turtle Shaman

BRB Blog.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Monsters, Yeah!!

Hello again Blog. I hope to make posting a much more regular habit. We shall see if that holds true or even possible. I inked up some more beasties for ya. In the future when I have all of these guys loaded up I am going to do some coloring! Enjoy.


Swamp Lurker

Winged Won

Hedge Hog Podge

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh I almost forgot.

I'm doing a series of paintings in my Personal Focus class. I have been looking to Phil Hale to try and learn a thing or two. Here is one from my series of four, more to come.

The long hello.

Why hello Blog. I have not faded off into the aether, been de-atomized, or any number of things. I have been sketching and painting like a mad man though. Check it out.



Ice Frog

Decadence Frog


Crab Claw Shark



On a side note this here is a sketch book made for me by friend Sara Wick. She used the subway map from our New York trip to make the cover. It contains pure nostalgic value.

More to come as I ink them.