Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week 10 fruit harvest.

Good evening Blog. Here is a pretty big collection of my work from the quarter. Bbelow you'll see work from my Dimensional Illustration class and Illustrative Design. For Dimensional we had to do a series of three illustrations that were tied together by a common theme. My theme was: A futuristic dystopia where people have been mechanically augmented to clean the environment. Over all this have been looking good. Illustrative consists of 2 different assignments: one was a two page spread and the second was for a hot sauce bottle.

This was my favorite of all my sculpts. This was my Fat Guy. He was supposed to eat garbage an such. His figure was very very cool and a ton of fun to make. I am not to hot over the photo though. I am definitely getting better though.

Of all my dimension pictures this one probably turned out the best. The figure itself is ok. Her abdomen has a solid glass sphere in it I got a glass student (Rebecca Arday) to make. If you can't tell (which means I didn't do such a great job) she is supposed to be a water purifier.

In this pic we see Air Filter Guy. He's my least favorite. I lost something from his character during the transition between sketch and sculpt.

I did this image for my illustrative design class. We had to do a 2 page spread illustration for an article of out choice. I will post the text added version later.

Here was the original sketch for the polar bear. I may actually go back and prisma this one up a bit. I kind of like it.

This was made for my illustrative design class. I got to illustrate my own hot sauce label. I called it "Burns Ya' Twice"

Hope you enjoyed the upload Blog. I'll see ya around.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

End of the quarter post, more to follow...

Hello Blog,
Long time no see. I have some new work to show you.

I ended up using my Hexaped for an assignment. I had to Illustrate a cover for a book and the also the title page. I was very excited when I got to use the Hexaped, he's (it?) an awesome monster. Anyway hope you like it.

As I get more done I will post more. My sculptures, paintings, and sketch book work should be done by the end of the weeks. So more on the way soon.

Keep it real Blog.