Saturday, September 25, 2010

My work space, work, and new friends....

Hey everyone,
I've been real real busy. Grad school, Honorbound, and life and a tough thing to find balance between. Anyway I found some time and this is what I have been up to.

First off here is my studio space, aka. my bed room. I think many off us are in this position.

Some concept work for HonorBound. Truxartus the "terror limb"

I traded my sloth necklace to my friend Fawn for one of here awesome creations. Check out her blog!

I made out to Artist Alley last Sunday and met some really cool people. I bought my new lizard friend from one of the artist. I had to name him when I got him and subsequently he became "Thud". Apropos I feel.

Lastly this is an old pic of a group collage I was working on of my old Co-workers as Star Wars Characters. I'm the rancor.

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jay said...

you have neither a picture of me or my son on your wall. You disgrace the title of uncle marmalade, keep it up and you'll be cousin marmalade