Sunday, February 03, 2008

Trying to put my skills to use...

Hello Blog. I have spent the last two hours pouring over the internet gathering a list of companies I want to apply to for an internship or co-op. This is what I have so far:

Massive Black
Weta Workshops
The Jim Henson Company
IBC Digital
Bizarre Creation
Nihilistic Software, Inc.
Digital Alchemy

Granted it doesn't look like a lot of companies, but it is a pretty great list so far. I have been rifling through looking through their job listings. It has been very helpful. The RIT job website (which is where the school herds you) is too clunky to navigate easily, I will have to go back when I am more awake and give it another go.

On another topic. I finished my tattoo design. I am waiting for half of the payment from the client before they get the final product, as we agreed. I am very glad to finished with it. I will have to post a scan later. I am off to find another moment of partial employment Blog. Wish me luck!!

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