Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New H.A. bots!

Hello! I've built up the idea behind my show. Here are the new standings. I'm going to do a 5"x5" painting of each bot and a larger 8"x20"(this is a tentative size) action shot accompanying each 5x5. So I'm looking at a grand total of 42 paintings right now. Thank Chuthulu I started now. I'm looking at having everything done and framed by the end of summer. It's gonna be a long awesome haul! Also here is a link to the original Hiver Arm Bots I did: Pugnaciaeous and Unoculus More on the way!
Dark Gable
The Brute
O.R.V. (Off Road Vehicle)
Hermit Crab Guy
-I pinch...

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