Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Practice, pushes you on.

Hello Blog. I did a series of 3 paintings for my Illustration as a Journalist. I have been looking at Ashley Wood for inspiration. As is clear from his posts, his paintings are all about brush strokes and letting the paint do it's thing on the surface. I kind of love his work.

On a side note the hockey painting, from my previous post, is the first in the second series I have to do.

The following paintings are from references I took of a kid's karate class.




I felt pretty good about these at the time of completion but now see some problems I have to address. First off working larger is helping me simply apply paint (the hockey painting is 2x2) and taking better photo reference by using a camera borrowed from RIT. Small things like that are making big differences. From there I know that I have some color issues to figure out.

ciao Blog.

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