Monday, July 07, 2008

I Stroll With You.

Hello again Blog. I have returned for real this time. In the time since we last got together things have gone on. I put my portfolio together, started my summer job, and have been working on more models. Enjoy..

I did another maquette. This is of my new character Herkimer. I am especially proud of his hand

I got a book by the sculpture Donato Giancolo. He is incredible and builds his models from their skeletons through the musculature then on to the skin. I tried to follow his technique. Here are some wips.

The following are the characters I made for my character design class. These are just the color comps.

This is Herkimer the platypus.

This is Velomoto the sloth.

This is Myra the Echidna.

This is Lox the tankephant

Here is a rough I did for a client for her hotsauce she patented recently.

That is all for now.

Ciao Blog!!

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Anonymous said...

Since when do Echidna's have breast everyone know that echidna's secreat their milk through their skin.