Friday, March 07, 2008


If anyone out there actually reads the things I write then you have a fair idea of what goes on in my head. The things I like and what I am striving for. Well I love it when life mimics my thoughts and we come across real life monsters.

I know these two aren't really "huge" per se but they are still impressive. Also i do love amphibians.

The antlers say it all.

I kind of dis-like the fact that we only tend to see these monsters when they're dead. But they are still sweet.

Mega hog!!

Here are some crocodiles. These beasties have made their rounds on the web already and I'm sure you've seen them.

Catfish. These only help feed my fear of being eaten while swimming.

Bunny of gigantic proportions.

So huge gigantic animals make me feel all giddy inside and frankly I like being giddy. I'm gonna go draw!!

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