Monday, January 14, 2008

What I am doing?

I recently started working with colored pencils (Prisma color) on toned paper. It's great! I have seen it done before by other artists here and there and it was definitely a good move on my part. My understanding of color, form, and shape is much more solid. So here is what I have come up with...

This is the Sharkalo... and here is the finished colored version.

This us the final product. I need to pay better attention to areas like the shadow. I can see now that I rushed it. Some of the form of the head, shoulders, and arms is kind of sketchy. That's what I get for not getting good or any reference though. All in all not too bad. I have to noted improvements on the next one but I am quite please with how this turned out.

For the next round I have already started the character I will be posting. This time it will be more step by step, which I am doing so I can look back at my process and keep refining it.

'Til next time!



James Gurney said...

Hi, Matt,

Good to hear from you again, and fun to see that Key Keeper. I'm still waiting for you to sculpt the female of the species.

Jim Gurney

Matt said...

I am on it. The next series of personal scuplts I do in the spring will include her.